The Bowie church of Christ strives to be a Biblical, grace-filled body of believers
growing toward a vision given to us by God. The following outlines the principles that
guide our ministries.

We hope to be:


    ♦A family of believers all thriving, growing, and maturing with enriching   
    small groups and expanding ministries.   
    ♦United in Christ and encouraging supportive and loving relationships  
    among members.
    ♦Active in all sorts of ministries and activities, with each person’s talents
    discovered and used.
    ♦Financially stable, with excellent facilities to serve our ministries.


    ♦Fostering an openhearted and inviting environment.
    ♦Welcoming of all kinds of people, regardless of race, culture, age,
             education, economic or marital status.


    ♦Intentionally integrated racially and culturally.

    ♦Reaching out to the community with the grace, truth, and Good News of  
           the Gospel.


    ♦Making an impact in the community with ministries that meet needs.
    ♦Engaged in community events where we are recognized and Christ is


    ♦Providing inspirational teaching and passionate singing based on the truth of
    God’s word.
    ♦Using technology appropriately to reach the people of all generations.


    ♦Helping everyone to learn to become Christ-like in all areas and stages of
    ♦Training and developing strong spiritual leaders.
    ♦Learning to practice spiritual disciplines.
Bowie Church of Christ