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Summer Time!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Finals is just about over for everyone in college and the summer has begun!  For some, this is a time to forget about school, classes, exams, projects, and simply relax.  For others, this is a time to work in order to save up for the fall.  Regardless of what you do this summer, definitely strive to stoke  your faith – feed and care for your faith.  Make sure you meet with other Christians.  Have fun with others in the church or with people of faith you know.

For some of us, we will go on a short term mission trips – but you don’t have to go away to be on a mission from God!  Help with Vacation Bible School, study the Bible with a non-Christian or someone who simply doesn’t know much about the Bible.  If you don’t know much yourself, ask someone to study with you or take a summer course at a local Bible college. In the DC Metro area, there are several – I would recommend Washington Bible College – at least as a place that takes the Bible seriously and actually believes it to be true!

Other ideas for stoking your faith would be to start a Bible Study in your home or if you are taking a summer class on campus, you can start a summer bible study on campus.  If it’s in the area and you need help, please give me a call (301-343-7385).

You can also serve people in the church – older couples may need help with their home or cutting grass or doing repairs.  You can help with child-care for families with school aged children – these children will  be  home for summer vacation, too and if both parents work, you could be a great help.  If there are any single parents you know, offer to take the kids to a Baysox game or to Six Flags – even if you hate the place (I love Six Flags myself).  If you need cash, ask an older couple in the church for assistance.  The Church is a community and a family as well as the body of Christ.  If you offer these services to friends and families that don’t attend church or who may not even believe in God, it will go a long way in encouraging them to at least consider their own faith.

Summer is a great time.  Use it for God while you have fun and enjoy your break from college.